Turkey Day 2012

Nick and I had originally planned to spend Thanksgiving in New York City, but we had to change those plans at the last minute.  Thank goodness for a hotel with a free cancellation!  I was sad to miss seeing NYC during the holidays, but we had a very good reason for going home.  More on that later!

This is our first Thanksgiving at home since we moved to DC, so even though we missed the glitz and glamour of the city, it was great to be with our friends and family.

We went to Kayla’s house on Sunday afternoon to see our friends.  Our gatherings have really changed the past few years!  I believe there were 7 kids under the age of 5 in the house, which made for a crazy afternoon.  And we are adding another one in May!

We were so busy that I barely remembered to pick up my camera-or maybe pregnancy brain really does exist!  I spent lots of time with Lily and have had major withdrawals since we’ve been back.  It sounds like she has too because she’s been asking for us when she wakes up.  It makes my “Aunt” heart very happy!

It’s a family tradition to make a Christmas craft after Thanksgiving dinner.  This year we made Santa ornaments that held letters to Santa.  My Aunt Della is in charge of this tradition and comes up with something new every year.  Brandi, we missed you! 

I normally go shopping for Black Friday, but my pregnant self needed some rest. 🙂 We went bowling that afternoon, which I haven’t done in several years.  My family is crazy-I think we attracted attention from the other bowlers with our antics, which I will blame on my cousin Hannah.

I’m a master granny bowler, which is why you are seeing me bowl from that angle. 🙂

Bring on Christmas!

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