Moving from DC to Tennessee

Hello from Tennessee!  Between the move, holidays and no internet connection, it’s been impossible to keep this little space updated.  I’m stealing my sister’s internet today so it doesn’t turn into February and I’m just finally talking about Christmas!

Mom came up to Maryland during our last week to help us get everything done.  Ladies, it’s very (well, stressful) helpful to be pregnant during a move because no one will let you lift anything heavy!

PicMonkey Collage

Thankfully Nick’s company handles the moves, so we weren’t the ones carrying boxes up and down 3 flights of stairs.  Although Nick did have to load a few that we took ourselves.  Thank goodness for manly muscles!  Once our stuff was gone on the truck, we were left with an air mattress and this quality entertainment stand.  Don’t you want one for your house?


After our stuff was packed, we spent the next few days eating at our favorite restaurants and visiting our favorite sites.



Mom had never seen the National Christmas tree, so we went by before dinner one night.




We lived in DC for about 2 and a half years.  It wasn’t always easy being so far away from everything we were used to, but it was a great experience for us.  Our marriage grew stronger and we really learned to depend on one another.  We got to visit a lot of great cities and see everything DC has to offer.  And I LOVED working downtown!

However, with this little bambino on the way, we feel that God has really blessed us by bringing us closer to our family and friends.  Now we will have lots of baby-sitters!! We are excited about this next chapter.  Plus, look what we are close to again:


2 thoughts on “Moving from DC to Tennessee

  1. Missy says:

    This SO sounds like our move! While I did enjoy not having to lift boxes, It was horrible having to pack up everything while experiencing morning (all day) sickness. Hope you didn’t have that or that it has passed. And CB was our first stop back!!

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