I’m finally blogging from the comfort of my OWN living room-we finally have internet! And satellite is being hooked up as I type this. Welcome back to the world of technology!

How far along?  We are at 22 weeks as of TODAY!  We are more than halfway to meeting this little love.


Weight gain?  Around 17-18 pounds.  I really worried how I would handle the weight gain, but I’ve done well with it so far.  No, I don’t love putting it on, but I guess your mindset changes when you know you are doing it to grow a tiny human!  I know I initially put on some extra weight because I had to quit working out so quickly from being so sick, but I’m FINALLY feeling normal and workouts have resumed!  I’ve never been so happy to have sore triceps before. 🙂


Maternity clothes?  Yes and no.  All of my jeans are maternity at this point, but I can still wear a lot of my old dresses and tops.  So I’m mixing and matching at this point.  I’m sure that will stop pretty soon!

Stretch marks?  Still trying to keep these at bay with gallons of lotion.


Gender?  Stay tuned for my next post about our gender reveal party!


Sleep?  I haven’t slept through the night since I got pregnant!  But I’m sleeping better than I was, except for waking up several times a night to go to the bathroom.  Maybe I’ll get a full night’s sleep in 2014! Since I’m not working right now, it’s a lot easier to deal with because I can catch a nap during the day if I need it.

Food cravings?  Remember how I couldn’t eat anything meat related during the first trimester?  That finally eased off around the time we were moving home.  The first night I ate a normal meal, I almost cried because I was so happy to eat something that didn’t make me sick.  Now I’m back to a (basically) normal diet.  Although I eat a lot of chicken biscuits now….this little one is already a true southerner!

What I miss?  I miss running and training for races.  I can’t wait to get back on my normal running schedule as quickly as possible.  We did buy our first big baby item over the holidays when we spotted this jogger on sale at Babies-R-Us for $75!  I couldn’t pass that up.  Hopefully I’ll be logging some miles by the lake with it and the little one this summer!


Symptoms?  It’s true what they say, but the 2nd trimester is like entering a new world.  I didn’t hit it right away at 12 weeks, but started feeling better in December.  I do go to the bathroom a lot though, but I drink a ton of water!  Mom says I’ll never leave the bathroom once I hit 8 months.


We had a baby appointment yesterday and my Mom and cousin Hannah went with us.  I like my new doctor here in Knoxville and we got to have a nice long ultrasound and everything looked great!  The baby will be monitored closely to make sure growth is happening properly since we had a few off numbers at the first trimester screening, so we are just praying that everything continues to look great!

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