Countdown to Mustache or Bow

Nick and I found out what we were having in early December….around 17 weeks.  Since we were moving home a few weeks later, we decided to keep the news to ourselves and tell our friends and family in person.  We had some very angry relatives and friends!! 🙂  They weren’t very patient to wait for the news (ahem, Aunt Della)!

We decided to have a New Year’s/Gender Reveal Party on New Year’s Eve, which was only about a week after we moved home.  Yes, I realize that I’m a little nuts to throw a party in the midst of Christmas and unpacking.  But it was great motivation to get everything unpacked!

We told our family during Christmas when we were all together….more on that later!

I was going to go with a black and silver “fancy” theme for New Year’s, but since we had about a million kids coming, I decided it was best to keep things simple.  Plus, unpacking an entire house kept us a little busy.  Luckily my best friend is now right down the street and is quite crafty, so she helped me pull everything together.  And my Mom and sister got busy in the kitchen, so everything came together pretty easily.




Nick wore a blue shirt and I threw on a pink scarf.  Most of our friends guessed boy if you saw the sign above!


We went outside for the big reveal and Nick shot off fireworks.


I had to remove that pink scarf because those fireworks were……..




Here we go with all things BOY!

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