Clark Griswold Style

Let me paint a little picture for you.

Last weekend, we found out at the last-minute that some out-of-town relatives were going to be staying at our house.  We were in the middle of putting together the crib and unpacking some leftover boxes, so our living room looked like a tornado had hit.  We spent the day cleaning up and getting everything put back up.

We also had to be at a gender reveal party for my friend Julia; I needed to get in the shower at 3 so we could leave around 4.

Around 2:52, we had the house spotless and just needed to take the empty boxes up to the attic before I hopped in the shower…….right on time for once!  I dropped my boxes upstairs and was heading back downstairs when I heard Nick yell a word that isn’t suitable to repeat on this blog, followed by a crash.

I raced back upstairs and found my husband up to his waist in insulation and peering down through a man sized hole into our kitchen.


Think Clark Griswold on Christmas Vacation when he goes through the attic.  Which is pretty ironic because it’s one of Nick’s favorite movies.

I did end up making it to the party, although getting in the shower didn’t happen.  Nick spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up insulation and repairing the gigantic hole in our ceiling.


It was a lovely day.

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