Different Days

Since we’ve moved from D.C., my days are VERY different.  We decided that it didn’t make sense for me to start applying for jobs when I would need maternity leave in a few months.  I didn’t think a company would hire me if they knew I was pregnant and I wasn’t comfortable with keeping that a secret until after being hired.  I guess I could have always sued for discrimination!  Kidding. 🙂

This is the first time since I was 16 that I have not worked!  I have never wanted to be a stay at home mom, so I think Nick and I were both worried about how I would handle the transition, especially since I don’t even have a baby to take care of yet.

However, it’s funny how God provides!  I had some freelance PR work that started right when we moved home and I’m in the middle of putting together a proposal for another company.  So I’ve had the best of both worlds…I’m not working a crazy schedule right now, which is great on days when I’m tired or not feeling great, but I’m still able to contribute financially.  And, avoid spending hours watching TV or being unproductive.

I’ve also seen what the positive side of having one person stay at home can be.  And trust me, it’s hard for me to admit that because I have always been firm that I would NEVER stay at home!  But since I have time during the week to run errands, cook dinner and clean the house, our weekends are no longer filled with these tasks and we can just PLAY!  I’m sure that will be an even bigger positive when the little one gets here and our time is no longer our own.

So, I’m trying to keep an open mind and see what works best for our family.  Maybe it will be something I never thought I would do and I’ll love staying at home!  However, I honestly can’t imagine giving up my career completely-I honestly love it and I get a lot of fulfillment from it.  Right now, I love the idea of working part-time from home and taking care of him.  That would be my ideal situation, although I never really thought that would be possible, so it’s been very exciting to have several freelance opportunities already underway.

Who knows?  6 months from now I might be back at work or a full-time stay at home mom and laugh at this post!

However, I do know one little Yorkie who loves this new arrangement. Although she can be a little distracting when I’m trying to type and she’s jumping into my lap, like right now.


4 thoughts on “Different Days

  1. Amanda says:

    Personally, I love working from home! It’s the best of both worlds to me! I get to be home to care for my children, but I also help contribute financially. That’s a big deal to me! Keep an open mind and God will guild you down the right path!

  2. soleremedy says:

    Since I’m new to motherhood myself, the only thing I can say is you are headed in the right direction with keeping an open mind. I do wish I could go back to work sooner, but that just isn’t Gods plan for me at the moment, so I’m just savoring every toothless grin and milestone that I can at the moment. Either way, you will have fun!

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