Baby J Has A Name!

As soon as we found out we were having a baby, we quickly realized that one of the hardest things would be deciding what to name him/her.  Naming a human is hard!  We tossed around names that we both liked, but we weren’t set on anything and kept changing our minds about our favorites.  We had many interesting conversations that revolved around baby names!

For a girl, I liked Ava.  Nick said, “like Eva?”  (our friends’ little girl).  “Me:  “Well, sort of, but it’s with an A-Ava.”  Nick:  “That just sounds like Eva to me.”

We both liked Anniston…until Nick said it reminded him of anus.  Strike that one from the list!  (My apologies if your name is Anniston).

Jackson had been one of our top boy names, but my cousin named his little boy that last year, so we didn’t want two Jacksons running around in the same family!  Plus, the middle name we were using made me think of a western outlaw when it was paired with Jackson.

Once we found out that we were having a boy, Nick came up with a plan to help us pick  a name.  We wrote down 5 boy names that we had been considering and we each ranked our favorites from 1-5.  Trust an engineer to come up with this system!

We were already set on a middle name, so we had to pick a first name we liked that went with it.

Debuting in May, baby J will be:

Carson James

Carson was a name that really came out of nowhere.  We were sitting around the house one day and I just looked at Nick and said, “What about the name Carson?”  We both liked it, but didn’t commit to it at the time.  Once we did our name ranking, Carson came out on top for both of us.  I was still a little unsure and wondered if I would change it, but once we started calling him that, I just fell in love and knew that was his name!

James was picked for a middle name before we even knew we were having a baby.  We knew we wanted the middle name to be traditional and after someone important to us.  Lucky for us, we each have a maternal grandparent named James, so we get to honor two people with one name!  I suggested the name James without knowing it was in Nick’s family as well (he’s deceased), so it seemed like the perfect match.  My Granddad is one of my favorite people in this world, so I can’t imagine having a better namesake for him.

Lily calls him “Baby Carson,” so we’ve all started doing that.  It may be hard to just call him Carson once he’s here!

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