Things I’m Loving: Tennessee Edition

If I’m being completely honest, when we found out we were being transferred back to Tennessee for a few years, I was mostly excited….but a small part of me was a little worried about how I would really feel about moving back home.

We’ve been home for 2 months now and I’m LOVING it!!  Nick is relieved. 🙂

I think with the point we are at in our lives with our first baby on the way, it’s the best place for us to be.  I can’t imagine having a newborn 8 hours away from my family!  Plus, living away for several years has given me a different perspective about living here.  Yes, it might not be as exciting as a big city like D.C., but I really appreciate having my family and best friends a few minutes away.  I love getting calls from my Grandmom telling us to come over because she’s cooked dinner and my favorite chocolate pie!  We missed a lot of people’s lives while we were away…and not having to travel over the holidays was great!

Here’s a few things I really love about living in Tennessee again:


Going for walks/jogs by the lake.  I do miss the miles of trails that were available in Maryland, but walking by the lake is so nice.  And it has me ready for some boat rides this summer!


A yard for Roxie!  Not having to go up and down 3 flights of stairs to take her out is pure bliss.  We used to barter over who had to take her out….now we can just open the door!  Hallelujah!



Seeing my Lily bug all the time!  I pick her up from daycare two days a week, but we see her constantly.



She loves her Uncle Nick….I think he is her first crush!  When those two get together, the rest of us are ignored.  She doesn’t let him stop playing for a second.  When Carson comes, he’s going to have one jealous little niece.


Fun dates with my girlfriends and Mom and sister…watching the Bachelor, going shopping for Carson and fixing up the nursery.  I have been so well-behaved when it comes to buying baby clothes….until Mom and I hit up some sales the other day.  How precious are these baby shoes?!  I’m obsessed.

Oh, and you know when football season rolls around, UT games will be added to this list.  Carson already has an orange polo waiting on him.  He also has a Nebraska outfit in honor of Nick’s side of the family, but I think he’s going to be a VOL fan!

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