Carson’s Cowboy Shower

We had a big weekend-TWO baby showers!  That’s why our living room currently looks like this:


Our first shower was at Kayla’s house and was hosted by Kayla, Annie, Summer and Jessica.  These girls threw me an amazing shower-and it made me so happy that Carson will get to grow up with so many “aunts” that will spoil him rotten!



I’m doing some cowboy accents in his nursery, so we all put on our cowboy boots for the day and things got a little country.  (That’s not hard to do in this part of Tennessee!)


The decorations and food were all cowboy themed:  Country Cupcakes, Get Along Little Doggies, Pardon My Pretzels, Corn Dippin’ Good, Chick’n Feed, Veggie Round-Up, Howlin’ Hot Salsa.  The drinks were Southern Sweat Tea, Old Fashioned Lemonade and A Waterin’ Hole.  Isn’t the super cute?!

They also made the sign for Carson’s room.  The rope came from my Granddaddy that Carson is named after, which I love.


They also made a Wishing Tree for Carson and I loved reading through these after the shower.  However, two people noted that they hope he gets my looks and Nick’s brains.  My friends and family always joke about some of the not so smart comments I’ve made over the years, but still! Although I have to admit that there is no way I would have made it through engineering school like Nick did, so I secretly hope the same thing. 🙂

DSCN1262My friend Brooke

Maybe pregnancy is making me mushy, but it was such a special day to be surrounded by so many people who will have an influence on his life.  In both a good and crazy way if I can guess at some of the things my friends will teach him!!



I’ve been friends with Julia and Kayla since 2nd grade and we are all expecting babies right now.  I don’t think we ever imagined in high school that we would all be pregnant at the same time one day!  I see lots of fun play dates in our future.

photo 3

Carson is due in May, Callaghan will arrive in June and baby Sisco (gender coming soon!) will be here in August.


There are 6 grandkids between my Mom and her sisters.  All of those were girls except my cousin Michael, so I think God is making the great grandkids more heavy on the boy side.  Michael put up with a lot from us girls over the years!  Brandi, we missed you!



My nutty cousins.  They will definitely be able to keep Carson entertained. 🙂

The shower was so much fun and made me so excited to realize that we are almost ready to meet our little man!

Thank you girls for such an amazing day-I’m so lucky that God has placed each of you in my life and love you to pieces. XOXO

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