Bumpdate: 6 Weeks To Go

Well, April will be the last month that it’s just the 3 of us in this house, unless Carson comes really early.  And yes, Roxie counts!  It’s a little crazy to realize that next month we will have a little baby in our house!  We are beyond excited, but I’m not going to lie-we are nervous at the same time.


251We had an ultrasound on Tuesday to check on his growth and he’s around 5 pounds and 3 ounces right now!  So far everything is checking out great and we are praying that it continues.  I have another ultrasound next week and he will be monitored weekly until he arrives! 

How far along?  We hit 34 weeks today, so only 6 more weeks until he’s scheduled to arrive! 


Weight gain?  Well, that’s obvious.  I’ve gained more than I thought I would-I think I was a little naive and thought I would continue running 5 miles!!  That hasn’t happened.  I’m so ready to get back to it.


Maternity clothes?  I put on a pair of non-maternity pants the other day to go walking and they FIT!!  I felt like I had won the lottery.  It’s the small things when everything is hard to fit these days. 

Gender?  Carson James is a boy

Sleep?  I love it and take naps every day.  🙂

31 weeks

Food cravings?  I am still addicted to fruit, especially Cuties and cantaloupe.

What I miss?  I miss being able to get dressed quickly because you know how everything will fit and you feel cute in it.  And, as I’ve already said, I really miss my normal workout routine.


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