Bumpdate: Waiting Game

I turned 29 last Wednesday and got a nice little present-seeing our little love bug at an ultrasound!  He was being a good baby and showed us his face several times-the week before he was hiding from us!

We also got some exciting news-things are starting to move towards delivery!  I was dilated 2 centimeters, so the doctor had me come back the next day to be hooked up to a monitor to measure contractions.  I was having them like crazy and moved to 3 centimeters!  She said she would be very surprised if I didn’t have him in a few days and didn’t think I would make my appointment on May 1.  Cue excitement and lots of frantic things to finish so we were ready for his arrival.  Nothing will kick you into gear like hearing he could arrive at any minute, so we spent the weekend installing the car seat, packing hospital bags and finishing up some last-minute nursery  things.  We also put together the bassinet and swing.  I was determined to assemble the swing while Nick did the bassinet.  I am not handy…thank goodness my husband is!  He assembled everything. 🙂


Well, today is April 30 and I’m still very pregnant, so he was just playing tricks on us!  So now it’s a waiting game.  Nick and I are never early for anything, so it seems more fitting if he doesn’t arrive early.

How far along?  I will be 38 weeks on Thursday.  Think I’ll make it?  ImageMovement?  I still feel him move, but it’s obvious that things are snug in there because it feels different.  He is super low, so he’s nice and heavy.  Getting out of bed is a slower process than it used to be.


Best moment?  When the doctor said she thought he was about to arrive, it gave us a reality check that, “wow, we are about to bring home a baby!”  Not that we didn’t know that the last 9 months, but it still feels much more real now.  🙂

We had two spur of the moment dates this week because we figure those will be harder to do in the next few months.  We also had dinner with our best friends this weekend for the same reason.

Gender?  Carson James is a boy


Sleep?  Some nights it’s great and some nights I can’t sleep.  I can’t wait to sleep through the night without waking up to go to the bathroom 3-5 times.  However, I realize that is still a way’s off.

Food cravings?  Lately it’s been a cold glass of milk and earlier this week I was dying for some ice cream.  My sister came to the rescue and brought me some Baskin Robbins.

ImageWhat I miss?  I miss my wedding ring!  It started to feel a little tight last week and was a little hard to take off, so I quit wearing it because I was afraid it would get stuck.  My finger feels naked!

I go to the doctor tomorrow for another visit and ultrasound, so we’ll see how things look then.  Fingers crossed we get to meet our little man soon!

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