Life Lately

Besides trying not to float away in all the rain we’ve had lately, here’s a little glimpse of what’s been going on.  And no, there are no baby pictures.  Clearly he decided he’s all warm and cozy and changed his mind about coming early like the doctor thought.  We will see what she says at my appointment today! 

Caught my guard dog keeping a close eye on things the other day! Image

My Grandmother has been at a rehab facility for the past couple of weeks and I caught Granddad and Lily walking out together the other day.  Isn’t that the sweetest photo?


My Aunt Kelly sent me this birthday card and I absolutely loved it.  And break out the granny panties…Justin Timberlkae is coming to Nashville in November!  I will be buying tickets. 🙂



I’ve been doing freelance PR work and got my official business license!  Want to hire me?!


I have been driving Nick’s truck a lot more since we moved to Tennessee.  The parking spots in DC were so tiny that it scared me to death to park it.  I pulled right into a parking spot the other day on the first try and was so proud of myself that I had to send him a photo as proof!Image

Going walking with Kayla and Asher man. 


Caught these 3 watching TV the other day.  Apparently Nick is a comfortable seat! Image

2 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. Alicia says:

    Hang in there, I know the feeling of the having to play the waiting game…no fun! 🙂
    You sound just like me, I hardly ever pull into a parking spot correctly on the first try and when I actually do I want to do a happy dance in front of the whole world! ;-P haha

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