4 Years and 40 Weeks

Thursday was a big day for our family-Nick and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary!




Normally we go on a big date to celebrate, like last year at the Preakness, but this year was nice and low-key.  If you can call having a newborn low-key. 🙂  We had a date with our little man on the couch with cake and watched Django Unchained, which was an awesome movie.

It was our first anniversary as a family of three and it definitely makes you value your marriage vows even more.  We can’t wait to raise him together!

May 16 was also Carson’s due date.  Instead, he turned a week old!  So for my last “bumpdate,” we can talk about Carson instead of me being pregnant!


How far along?  One week old

Movement?  He loves to sleep swaddled….it looks like he’s in a strait jacket!  He naps in the bassinet without being swaddled sometimes and he stretches and kicks the entire time.

Best moment?  After being monitored closely during my pregnancy for some health concerns, having him arrive perfectly healthy was an answer to prayers.  And finally getting to see what he looked like and hold him!


Sleep?  He’s on a pretty good schedule already (I hope I just didn’t jink that).  He’s on a three hour cycle and usually goes right to sleep after being feed.  We’ve had a few rough times at night where he just wasn’t happy….that’s a little rough at 3 a.m.!  The first night home was the worst.  He kept getting choked, so we didn’t get any sleep from making sure we were listening and could get it out.  I think I had about 50 heart attacks that night!  All in all, he usually does well at night except for one typically rough cycle.

ImageFood cravings?  He’s on a milk diet. 🙂

What I miss?  I miss feeling him move around in my belly, but you can’t beat holding him in real life!

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