Daddy and Baby Daddy

I spent Father’s Day with TWO father’s… Daddy and baby Daddy!  Dad and Janet came down this weekend to see Carson and Lily, so we spent the weekend hanging out and had breakfast on Sunday morning before they headed back to Nashville.


It felt strange to say Happy Father’s Day to Nick!  Carson and I surprised him with some new golf gear.  I’m sure they will be heading out for many rounds of golf in the years to come.


Nick, there are a lot of things I love about you, but seeing you as a father might be the very best thing!  I knew you would be a good daddy, but you have just blown me away! Carson is so lucky to have you and I can’t wait to see all the things you two will do in the years to come.  You are so hands on with him-I know that the minute you walk in the door from work, I won’t be holding him again all night!  Thanks for being my rock through all the craziness of a bringing home a new baby.  We love you!


Happy Father’s Day to my Dad!  Word in the family is I’m a lot like you, so thanks for giving me a love of nerdy history, running and many other things.  And thanks for always encouraging my big city and study abroad dreams!  I love you!!

Carson was pretty pumped about celebrating Father’s Day with his Dad and Papa Stan. 🙂


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