Monday Musings

-Before I got pregnant, I heard all of my mom friends talk about “baby brain.”  Apparently it does exist.  Since Carson has been born, I have pulled the following items out of the washer with my clothes:

A TV remote

Carson’s thermometer

One of Nick’s tools

The tools and remote are fine.  The thermometer died a slow death.  And I now check the laundry pile carefully before the clothes go into the wash.

-I am completely jealous of my child’s skin tone.  I will never, ever be this tan in my life.  He definitely takes after Nick in that department.  I’ll be the pale or burnt one in our family photos at the beach.


-I dropped my phone a few months ago and the screen cracked.  I despise going to Verizon because it always takes forever, so I’ve been reading on my phone around the cracks.  I couldn’t take it anymore, so I finally ventured to Verizon last week.  Turns out, you don’t replace your phone in the stores anymore.  They hand you a card with a number to call and the phone is shipped to you overnight.  That would have been good to know 4 months ago.

-Nick came home from work one day last week and said, “your hair looks different, what did you do?”  My reply?  “I washed it.”  Note to self….shower before the hubby comes home from work, it will be better for your marriage.

-I got my hair cut this weekend for the first time since Carson was born.  I think I had it cut at the end of April, so my hair was a hot mess.  I love the feeling of a fresh hair cut.

-I paid $20 for my hair cut.  The cost of the EXACT same cut in DC?  $70.

-Despite the outrageous prices of everything in DC, I really, really miss living and working there.  Nick would completely disagree with that statement!  He is much happier out of the craziness of the city, although he does miss all the sports teams.


-I was obsessed with eating clementines while I was pregnant and despised eggs.  Now I can’t stand the thought of another clementine, but I’ve been eating scrambled eggs for breakfast constantly.  Pregnancy does weird things to your eating habits.  And body.

-Carson was on the activity mat this morning and reached up and hit the toys.  That’s the first time he has ever done that.  I got so excited, you would have thought the child had cured cancer!

Happy Monday, y’all!  I’m off to take a shower before Nick comes home. 🙂

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