Carson-Two Months

You are two months old, little man!  Well, you were on July 9th.  You keep us a little busy these days and I’ve never been very prompt anyway. 🙂


You are growing like a weed!  You weighed a little over 12 pounds when we checked the other night and eat like a champ most of the time.  Look at that belly!


You made us VERY happy last weekend because you slept for 6 hours in a row.  I felt like a new person when we woke up the next morning!  Of course, you decided to do it on a night when your Dad was going to take night duty and feed you a bottle.  Go figure.  Keep it up….I miss sleep!


We normally can just lay you down for a nap and you either fuss for a few minutes and then pass out or just go right to sleep.  This week, you have decided that it’s more fun to scream your head off and fight sleep.  Let’s just say Mommy doesn’t appreciate this new game and I’m hoping it’s just a phase!

We took you to church for the first time a few weeks ago and Aunt Carrie went with us.  Right when it got silent, you decided to load your pants, which sounds like a bomb going off.  All 3 of us almost had to get up and leave the service because we were about to bust out laughing!

You have been napping in your crib since you were just a few weeks old, but you were still sleeping in a bassinet in our room.   We noticed that you seemed to sleep better in the crib, so we moved you to your crib on the Sunday after you turned 6 weeks.  This was a little earlier than I planned and I was nervous about it!  Thank goodness for a video monitor so I can see your little chest going up and down.  I think we all sleep better now, so it was a good transition.

The first 7 weeks of your life you slept swaddled like a little burrito!  You had a solid green swaddle and you looked like a little green pea.  🙂  We quit swaddling you and now you sleep with your arms flung out to the side-talk about comfort!  I glanced at the monitor the other morning and you had moved sideways in the bed.  When I went to get you out of the crib, your toes were where your head was originally!  We have a little crib crawler on our hands!


You are trying to roll over, but you can’t get that top shoulder over yet.  Once you do, you are going to flip right over!  We caught you trying to roll over the other night on the monitor…and apparently trying to suck your thumb!


One of my favorite things that you do is with your pacifier.  You have a Wubbanub with an attached giraffe.  Sometimes you don’t want to suck the pacifier, but you clutch the giraffe’s legs or you wrap your arm around like a security blanket.  I LOVE seeing you do that!


Another one of our favorite things is when you are about to break out crying or just got done and you stick our that lower lip!  Mom and Dad always laugh at you when that lip goes out-sorry son!


You will coo and smile like crazy when we talk to you and really focus on our faces.  You LOVE looking at the ceiling fan….it’s your happy place.  Nick said we should hang one above your crib and you would never cry. 🙂  We can’t wait to hear your first laugh!

Happy TWO months little man!!

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