Life Lately

Life has been busy lately!  I have two freelance clients right now.  Working from home is awesome, but it can be very challenging with a baby at times.  🙂  I’ve learned to concentrate with a crying baby and barking dog in the background! 

Roxie has decided that it’s very comfortable to sleep on my pillow-at the same time I’m trying to sleep.  I rolled over the other night and got a face full of dog hair.  


I’m back on the workout train and it feels amazing!  I’ve got about 12ish pounds left to go and I’m SO ready to be back in my normal clothes.  I tried a new workout DVD on Saturday and my biceps and triceps are dying




Our little guy is turning into quite the ham and loves smiling and “talking” to us.  It’s amazing how entertained you can be by a non-verbal human.

Of course I was glued to the coverage of the Royal Baby!  I saw that she went into labor when I was up to feed Carson around 5 a.m. and we couldn’t wait to hear that the baby arrived.  Of course Kate had a boy…doesn’t that prove that we should be besties?!  However, the name-blech.  I was hoping these “modern monarchs” would not pick such a traditional name.  Alexander would have been good, but I’m not a fan of George.  


I did make sure to teach Lily all about Kate and William.  She is really into princesses right now and she always wants to wear a “princess dress.”   


I was over at Mom’s the other night and Lily wanted me to sit in her lap.  Crazy girl.

We are also in the process of house hunting.  Stressful, fun and crazy..and hopefully over very soon!  

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