Carson James-3 Months

My sweet baby boy, how are you already 3 months old?!  Watching you grow and change over the past 3 months has been so much fun.  You keep us entertained constantly with your sweet smiles and coos and we can’t wait to see how you change over the next 3 months.

You are a little snuggle bug and love to sleep on us.  Most of the time I make sure you nap in your crib, but sometimes I can’t resist curling up with you on the couch.  Roxie usually joins us and the three of us are piled on the love seat.  I’m usually sweating by the time we all wake up!


You do great at tummy time and can really hold your head up.  You are close to rolling over from your back to stomach, but you can’t get that top shoulder over yet.  You did roll from your stomach to your back during tummy time the other day, but I’m not sure if you really rolled or if the bed was a little uneven and your momentum took you over!


You are doing great sleeping at night-we love you for this!  You usually eat around 8 p.m. and sleep until 5:30 a.m. and then go back down until 8:00 or 8:30 a.m.  The other day you skipped the 5 am feeding and slept until 8! I’m hoping that starts happening more often. 🙂  You had your first taste of formula this week…we mixed some in your nighttime bottle that Dad gives you.  I about gagged when I changed your diaper the next day!  That stuff is no joke.  Gross.


We love going to get you out of the crib because you get so excited when you see us now and your smile lights up your entire face!


You are a pretty content baby, so the few times you have had major meltdowns had us scrambling to calm you down!!  You did great during your 2 month shots.  I made Dad go with us to the appointment. 🙂


You are turning into a chunky little monkey and weighed 12.95 at the doctor this week.  We love your chunky cheeks and thighs! We always joke that you are storing nuts for the winter!


You love your play mat and kick and look at the toys and have recently started grabbing for them.  When you are on the changing table, you have great dance parties with us, especially Dad!  You kick and coo like crazy.  We love our conversations with you!

We always say that you are sensitive.  If we make a sudden noise that scares you, that lower lip pokes out and the tears start.  You usually smile 2 seconds after that when we start laughing!!


You sleep in the craziest positions!  I hope your neck isn’t sore in the morning. 🙂


Keep growing little love bug!

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