Date Night

One of the best things about having a family full of women is you always have people who want to get their hands on your child!  Carson went to stay with GiGi (my Mom) last weekend and his Great-Grandmother and 4 Aunts were also there.  I’m pretty sure the child wasn’t put down one time!

Nick and I had our first date night alone since Carson was born and went to Knoxville for dinner.  We still snuck in a quick photo shoot with Carson before we left-I can’t resist!




After we ate, we did something that isn’t a typical date night occurrence-jewelry shopping!  Nick wanted to find earrings that matched the ring he gave me for our wedding, but he never could, so he decided to let me pick out what I wanted. This was a birthday/anniversary/Mother’s Day/push present…just a few months later! Once Carson was born, we didn’t have a lot of time for shopping in May! 🙂


Nick actually picked them out and I love them, especially since they remind me of our anniversary and Carson’s birth.

It felt great to go out and spend time together.  We even behaved and didn’t call home every 5 minutes. 🙂  Although I did take a brief trip into Gymboree and picked up a few things for Carson, so he wasn’t totally off our minds!

Here’s to more date nights in our future!

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