Carson James-4 Months

My sweet baby boy, how are you already 4 months old?  Watching you grow this month has been amazing.  You have developed the sweetest personality and are such a happy baby!  You are so aware of the world around you now.  Your smile lights up your entire face!  You smile at us constantly, even when you are tired and grumpy, you still flash a little grin.


You have also found your voice this month!  Your small coo’s have turned into loud babbles and the other day you figured out how to scream!  You think this is a funny trick.  It might be time to take you to the nursery at church.  Dad had to take you out last week because you were trying to preach with the pastor! You are also starting to laugh.  Yesterday, I had you laughing out loud for a few minutes.  It was the best little sound. 🙂 


Last month, you starting rolling from your back to your stomach, but it was still a process.  Now, you are a little monkey and flip everywhere!  As soon as we put you on your back in the crib, you flip to your stomach and stick your booty in the air. That’s how you sleep!  You usually cover your head with your arms, too!  You just started rolling back on to your back this week.  Earlier this week you rolled over 3 times in a roll and surprised yourself!  It’s a good thing we have a big living room now! 


You have discovered your hands and feet.  When we put pj’s on you with animals on the feet, you are fascinated by them! Your hands are constantly in your mouth-all. day. long!  You prefer your hands over your pacifier, although you tend to want your pacifier in the car.  Otherwise, those hands are an amazing soother!  When you go down for a nap, you suck on those hands and put yourself to sleep.  


Speaking of sleep, you are doing great in that department!  You have been napping in your crib for every single nap…we haven’t used the swing in a few weeks!  Last night, you took a bottle at 8:15 p.m. and slept until 8 a.m.  Mommy was thrilled! That’s the longest you’ve ever slept.  You have started sleeping until 7 or 8, but you sometimes wake up to eat around 5:30. Dad likes this because he can see you before he goes to work. 🙂 You usually fuss for a few minutes when we put you down, but you normally put yourself to sleep on your own within a few minutes.  Sometimes I cheat and let you sleep on me in the afternoon.  I love letting you sleep on me and we curl up on the love seat with Roxie.  


You love when we read books to you and sit perfectly still for the entire book!  Hopefully you develop my love of reading.  That definitely isn’t from Dad!  Although everything else is from him.  Everyone comments on how much you look like your Daddy-even strangers! Image

When you are on your stomach and see a toy you want, you start trying to move to get it.  I know our peaceful days are going to be over soon once you start moving!  You are also trying your best to sit up.  If we hold your arms, you will pull up and you love watching what’s going on.  We bought you a bumpo this week, although you were a little unsure about it.  

You are the happiest baby and have brought so much joy into our lives.  It’s amazing how much a little laugh, scream or smile from you can just put me in the best mood.  Keep growing little love bug-we are loving getting to watch you grow! 


One thought on “Carson James-4 Months

  1. Missy says:

    He is so adorable! Ejoy him napping on you, won’t be long before he can’t or won’t. For me, it was some of the sweetest time I had with Anna Ruth when she was that young.

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