Kissing The Single Life Goodbye

Last weekend, Nick and Carson had a boy’s weekend because I went to Chattanooga for Annie’s bachelorette party.  It felt like I was back in college getting ready with a group of girls!  We started the night off with a lingerie party.  Jessica and I got something a little special for her.  Won’t Jake love that?  

ImageDon’t worry, we also picked something up at Victoria’s Secret!  I picked up lingerie for a few girls when Carson and I were out shopping one day.  I’m sure they thought I was a scandalous mama buying a ton of lingerie with my baby!!

Before we hopped on the trolley to dinner, we had a mini photo shoot outside the hotel.  Put a big group of girls together and you know cameras are coming out!




We may be out of college, but we can’t resist throwing up some diamonds when we get together.  I love my ADPi girls and college roomies!


After dinner at Big River Grille, we went out downtown.  I’m not sure if my legs were sore the next day from my workout or from dancing for hours! 


The wedding countdown is on…one more month! 

And P.S. I survived my first night away from Carson.  I had a great time, but I was ready to get home to my boys!


3 thoughts on “Kissing The Single Life Goodbye

    • Life's Better With Freckles says:

      Well, since I was leaving him with Nick, it made it so much easier!! I’m not ready for both of us to leave him yet. 🙂 I’m glad of glad I got it over with though! And knowing it was only 24 hours made a huge difference. But I was so ready to get home!!

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