Showering Annie

After all of the bachelorette fun, we had to continue to help Annie get ready to get hitched!  We had her bridal shower last weekend at the Ellis-Scott Pavilion.  It’s such a pretty place!  My house is in no such shape to be hosting people yet!


I made some cards for people to fill out.  One set said, “Annie will soon be a Mrs!  Offer her some advice or well wishes!”   I figured the older crowd would want to use those cards, but I made a different set for the younger girls that said, “My favorite memory with Annie.”  We had a good 20 minutes of laughing while we were filling out those cards!  College was awesome is all I will say!   



Annie’s niece Eva snagged my cell phone and wanted to play photographer.  She spent at least 5 minutes instructing us on how we should pose.  She is a mess. 🙂



Next up will be wedding day!! 


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