31 Years

Today is a big day for our family!  This stud turned 31 today AND Carson turned 5 months old! 


He’s silly and doesn’t think he needs a big celebration anymore, but I completely disagree. We already celebrated with my family this past weekend, but Carson and I will be throwing him a little PAR-TAY tonight too.  You are never too old to celebrate your birthday!!



Carson and I went shopping after bible study today to pick up another small gift and he had an EPIC meltdown.  As in, I was sweating from dealing with it!! Kayla got to experience it, so she can vouch for me!!  Demon Sweet baby had huge alligator tears rolling down his face and his face sort of resembled a tomato.  Being the good mother that I am, I captured the evidence of course before I high tailed it out of Target.  So, Nick, I owe you one more gift, but that’s totally your son’s fault. 


31 looks really good on you, gray hairs and all!  I’m so glad I get to grow old with you-and as I tell you all the time, I’m so glad that I’m still in my 20’s because you make me feel so young.  I will use this until April!  

ImageBut seriously, Happy Birthday Moose!  Carson and I love you so much.  Now come home before I eat all the cupcakes!   



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