Carson James-5 Months

Carson, I can’t believe it’s already time for your 5 month update!  (Well, it was on October 9!)  You have had a BIG month, love bug!


You got your very first tooth!  You were a champ and it didn’t bother you at all.  I’m hoping we get that lucky with the rest of them.  You have been drooling and chewing on your hands like crazy and all of a sudden-BAM!  We had a tooth.

ImageWe started you on rice cereal.  You are a little pig and took right to it.  You get a little angry sometimes when we first start feeding you because you want it shoveled in your mouth as quickly as possible.  You settle down after a few bites and almost always polish off a big bowl.  You are a mess when we are done!  You also don’t like to be cleaned up afterwards…you are such a boy!


You love reaching up to grab our faces, especially when you are eating.  You aren’t quite as content to just sit on our laps anymore.  In fact, you have turned into quite the little wild man!  You will be sitting on my lap and you flip yourself around.  I think you have a future as a gymnast!  You are a little monkey man.  You are also quite vocal!  You started going to the nursery at church this month because you were trying to compete with the preacher during his sermon!

ImageYou love watching Roxie, although she’s afraid of you now!  She was sitting by you the other day and you grabbed a chunk of her hair and yanked.  She hasn’t come near you since that happened!  I’m sure you will be chasing her around once you start crawling.



Grandmom comes over and stays with us one day during the week since Granddaddy passed away and you think she’s SO funny!  You also like playing with Lily and she will sing or read books to you.  I can’t wait to watch the two of you grow up together!

ImageYou are such a sweet, happy baby!  You have started laughing a lot this month and you think Mommy and Daddy are pretty funny!  You love when we kiss on your cheeks and you give us the biggest, open mouth kisses back!  We have dance parties in the living room and this gets you going.  I don’t think there is any sound better than your sweet little laugh!  You also love the bath and kick your feet to test out the splashes.  When we wrap you in a towel after, I always start singing a song I made up and you think it’s hilarious!  We are enjoying this because I know one day you won’t think we are so cool!


Keep growing little love bug!! We love watching you learn about the world around you.

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