Who Is The Chimney Sweeper?!

When Kayla told me that they were having a Halloween party, I started thinking about costumes we could create from what was already hanging in our closets.  Yep, we were being cheap and didn’t want to buy anything.  It’s funny how your priorities change with a new house and baby!! 

Anyway, I decided that Mary Poppins and the chimney sweeper would be easy and fun.  When I told Nick this, he said, “Who is the chimney sweeper?”  SERIOUSLY?  Carrie was also here that weekend and she didn’t know who he was either!  Apparently they didn’t get into Mary Poppins as children, so I think we are due to watch it very soon!


He was still a good sport and dressed up anyway.  I used dark eye shadow to make the dirt on his face.  Well, the next morning when I was getting ready for church, I forgot that there was black eye shadow all over my blush brush until I had a huge black streak across my cheek.  Major Fail. 


If you asked me, Carson was a horse for Halloween.  If you asked Nick, he was a cow.  I’ll let you decide. 🙂



The best costume of the night definitely went to the newlyweds as Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons.  Genius! 





Travis and Kayla had hay bales on the back of his tractor, so we took some spins around the yard.  Who said being a little redneck isn’t fun?  

Halloween is officially over and it’s on to the MOST WONDERFUL time of the year!  Bring on Thanksgiving and Christmas. 


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