One Year Later

I was working on our family scrapbook earlier and it just hit me-what a difference a year makes!


This time last year, we had just found out that we were pregnant and told our close friends and family.  We still didn’t know if we were having a boy or girl.


We had some scary test results about Carson early on, but today we have a healthy, thriving little boy!  Quite an active one I might add. 🙂


Nick and I were still living in DC and had just found out that we were being transferred to Tennessee for his job-right back to my hometown!  We looked for rental houses over Thanksgiving and signed a lease.  This past August, we bought our first house as a family.


We moved home in December.  I was very hesitant about moving back to the town I grew up in.  Yes, I swore I would never live here again.  But living by your best friends and family after being away for three years is fantastic.  I miss DC, but these people make up for it.

And speaking of being by family, both of my grandfathers passed away this year.  If we had been living in DC, I wouldn’t have had the chance to see them before they died.  Just goes to show that God knows better than my plans of never coming back here. 🙂


In May, we became a family of three.

There are times when I can’t believe how many changes we’ve been through in the past year.  Apparently we like to make all of our major life changes at once!  It’s been stressful and very trying at times, but we are figuring it out together and life is good.

I know I’ve turned into a total sap.  Blame it on the mommy hormones.

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