Just Call Me Grandma

You know you are no longer 21 when you find yourself saying the following things:

“I wish Sunday/Monday night football would start earlier so I could watch the entire game.”  And yes, I fell asleep last night thinking Peyton definitely was leaving Boston with a win, only to wake up this morning and see that Brady made a comeback.  Have you ever seen the SNL skit that talks about teams that lose “pulling a Peyton Manning?”  Nick and I always quote that when he loses.   

“I don’t even know half of these bands performing on the American Music Awards.”  Am I totally unaware about who the Imagine Dragons are?  Luckily Justin Timberlake never disappoints.

ImageWhen your family asks what you want for Christmas and you find yourself saying, “We need a new dishwasher.”

I called Nick last week and said, “The fabric that I ordered for our living room curtains came in!”  Oh, how things have changed when it comes to what I spend money on.  

I emailed my Aunt Della and said, “Do you think you can teach me how to sew?”

Just call me Grandma.

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