Small Town Christmas Parade

We went to the Christmas parade last week so Lily and Carson could see Santa.  I haven’t been to the parade since I was in it my senior year of high school!  Clearly that has been a few years.  🙂  It was still pretty much the same.  My favorite part is the Shriners driving in their mini cars-I do not know how they drive so crazy without hitting one another!


The parade definitely isn’t fancy, but it’s one thing I love about living here-the traditions and seeing all of the families out.



We went to Mom’s church for hot chocolate and cookies before the parade started and to stay warm!



Well, Carson wasn’t too impressed with Santa.  He fell asleep about two minutes before the parade started.  Maybe next year!

One thought on “Small Town Christmas Parade

  1. Paula Burr says:

    I must have one ear higher than the other my glasses arent straight. Im retardedId like copies of the ones in the church and the two here. You and me and Lily and I. I need a straight headed picture for Carsons present. Can you get me one please.

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