Top 4 for 2014

I’m not very big on making New Year’s Resolutions.  Let’s face it-I already work out and I’m probably not going to eat more vegetables.

But this year, I do have 4 goals that I want to focus on.

Daily Bible Reading



I do really well on reading my Bible when I’m involved in the women’s bible study at church, but since we’ve been on a break, I’ve found myself not sticking to it.  I read a comment the other day about how anything we put before God can become an idol-our children, family, the house, etc. and that really stuck with me.  I always make time to clean the house every day and work out on a regular basis, so spending time in prayer and reading the Bible should be a major priority.  My cousin used this 52 week Bible reading plan last year and I’m going to try it.  I have liked my chronological Bible, but this plan is appealing because it breaks up the books that are a little tedious to work through (um, Exodus).  Anyone want to join me?

Money, Money, Money



Ah, such a fun topic.  When Nick and I moved to DC, we had to create a budget because everything was so expensive there.  We pretty much stuck to it, but we weren’t always consistent.  Since we are now a one income family and have a child, we have been doing better, but still get off track.  We have sat down and readjusted some numbers and I’m determined we are going to stick to it this year. We have also started Carson’s college fund too!  We are using the Dave Ramsey method.

Run, Baby, Run



In 2012, I decided to run 600 miles.  I was on track to hit that goal and then we got a little positive sign on a pregnancy test.  I was so sick for the next 4 months that I was lucky to make it for a walk, so it obviously didn’t happen.  It didn’t seem realistic last year being pregnant and having a newborn, so here’s to 600 miles in 2014!  I just signed up for a half marathon in April because I had another goal of running one before Carson turns 1 in May.  I hate running in winter, so this should be an interesting training process!

Be Present

Over Christmas, I made a conscious effort to put down my phone and just enjoy what was going on and it was so refreshing.  I am determined to put my phone down and ignore social media a little more and just enjoy my child and husband.


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