Carson James-Eight Months

Life is very interesting with you these days, Carson James!  You still have the sweetest little personality, but we no longer get to hold you for kisses and snuggles any time we want.  You are a man on a mission!  I could barely get you to sit still today to take your 8 month photo!  Which is very typical these days-you are a busy little boy and keep us on the move chasing after you.


You have definitely figured out the crawling thing and are EVERYWHERE!  You are also pulling up on everything in the house, which resulted in your first goose egg on your head this month.  Mommy had a small panic attack when it happened, but I’m happy to report that we all survived!  You can stand when you are holding on to things and walk, but aren’t doing it on your own yet.  You let go of the rocking chair and stood on your own for a second, but that’s the only time you have done that.  We are betting that you will be walking by 10 months!


I looked on the monitor one morning when I heard you wake up and saw you standing.  This is how you greet us when we come into your room.  You also sometimes sit and stick your legs in between the rails and it looks like you are in baby jail!



Daddy says you are a major Mama’s boy, which is definitely true.  You get a little attached to me at night when you are tired or don’t feel good.  Sometimes I feel like I walk around the house with a little boy attached to my leg!


As much as you love Mama, you get SO excited when Daddy walks in the door from work.  Sometimes you and Roxie wait on him together.  I think there might be a friendship forming now that you have figured out how to share your snacks with Roxie.  She can usually be found hanging out by your chair during dinner!


We’ve had a rough month in the sleep department.  You started waking up at 1:30 for a bottle and then again at 5.  Mommy was not a fan of this trend!  After a few days of this we saw the culprit-TWO new teeth are coming in up top!  Either that or you hit a big growth spurt.


You had to go in for the second flu shot and you weighed 18 pounds.  I had them weigh you to make sure you weren’t losing weight because you haven’t been eating great this month, but you are still gaining.  You take three 6 ounce bottles and an 8 ounce bottle at night and you eat baby food at breakfast, lunch and dinner.  We think your teeth are the reason you haven’t had a big appetite because you normally eat great.



We started giving you Puffs this month and it was so funny to watch you figure out how to eat them!  Mommy and Daddy are highly entertained by you!  You have also tried green peas, but that’s it in the “real” food department.



You love to play with our glasses, electronics, chase Roxie, play with Lily, bang your toys on the floor, ride in your wagon and play in the bath.  You have some cups that are stackable and it’s rare to find you without one in your hand.  It’s either that or a gear from one of your toys.  You think it’s funny to go back and forth between Mommy and Daddy-this is your new favorite game! You also reach your arms up to us now and it’s the sweetest thing.

IMG_20131221_095536_256You do not like when we have to change your clothes or diaper.  We are usually sweating when we are done from wrestling you because you try to roll over the entire time.


We’ve started the word “no” this month, especially because you are constantly trying to turn off the TV and crawl in the fireplace.  We put a bumper around the fireplace and Daddy finally had to glue it down because you pulled it off all the time.


So far this month, you have tried to eat a penny, leaf and stink bug.  We have to keep the floors as clean as possible and watch you like a hawk, but you still manage to find stuff to stick in your mouth!  You are all boy. 🙂


Carson, every month just gets better and better as your personality develops and you discover the world around you.  Hearing your laugh makes us smile and I don’t think a day goes by without one of us commenting how cute or funny you are!  You are the sweetest little love bug and we love you!

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