Southern Snow

I was on a conference call last week when I glanced out the window and saw white snowflakes swirling around.  I assumed it would be like most of the snow we get and stop within 10 minutes.  Nope!  The snow was still going strong when Nick got home from work and we ended up with a few inches.  I’m sure this won’t happen again for a long time!  I had just ran 5 miles on the treadmill, so that’s why I look SO nice in these photos. 🙂





Lily and Heather came over to play and we took Carson outside for a few minutes to check it out.

1654072_10152268756712975_736216654_n 999946_10152268756322975_1374548654_n

Lily and Nick made snow angels and she thought that was a neat trick!  Roxie also had a blast running around in the snow and was a wet mess when she came in.


It was freezing outside, so we didn’t last very long.  We are southern after all and don’t do well in cold temps!  Lily and I still managed to have some fun when we came inside……airplane!

Fun fact-I broke my arm in 4th grade playing airplane at a slumber party.  Perhaps we should choose a different game!

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