Carson James-Nine Months

I feel like these past few weeks have given me a glimpse of what life is going to be like for the next few years with you!  You seem to grow and change on a daily basis and sometimes I feel like we can’t keep up.  As much as I want to yell for time to slow time, watching you crawl, hearing you laugh and seeing the things that make you happy make each day an adventure.


Your personality continues to develop and you might not end up being as calm and quiet as your parents were as children.  You seem to be a bit of a wild man!!  You love to yell and babble, chase the dog, climb on everything and never sit still.  You can’t keep up with Roxie, so you get quite the workout trying to chase her around the living room.


You love, love, love your teething monkey and stuffed lion and get the biggest smile on your face when you see them.  If you are upset and we hand you either of them, the tears stop and you start laughing.  You kiss your lion all the time and the monkey stays in your hand all day.  You also love your toy cars and think it’s funny when we run them up and down your legs.



You have this laugh that just seems to come from the deepest part of your belly and once you get started, we all are laughing.  We will tickle you under your chin and you just cackle-the same goes for your ribs on the left side.  You don’t seem to be ticklish on the right side!


Bath time is still a favorite and you also have developed a love for sliding Tupperware on the kitchen floor.

You have definitely learned the meaning of the word no.  When we first say it, you will look back at us and just grin.  We both have to fight back the smiles.  If there is something you really are fascinated with, like the bumper on the fireplace, you will keep testing us.  When you go over to it, you will look back to see if we are watching and slowly reach out your hand to see if you can keep away with it this time.  There have been a few dramatic meltdowns when we are strict with you.


This past month has been a little rough in the sleep department.  Since you cut teeth and were sick in December, you have been waking up once a night.  As soon as you go back to sleeping all night-BAM!  Another tooth starts to come in.  You are working on your seventh tooth right now.  You got two more top and a bottom this month.  You have the cutest, toothy grin.


You have started to stand by yourself!  You will let go of us or the furniture and just stand there for a few seconds before plopping dramatically on the floor.  Each time you stand gets longer and longer.  You will hold on to the couch and walk back and forth.  We are betting that you are walking before you turn ten months.

We used to fight over who got to feed you, but it isn’t as fun now.  You are a wild man and don’t like to sit still for your bottle.  It’s like wrestling a rolling alligator.  The same goes for changing your diaper and clothes.  We are usually sweating by the time we are done.  If our neighbors can hear you scream while we change your diaper, they probably think we are bad parents. 🙂  We have discovered that if we hand you a small toy, things stay much more peaceful!


You also waved for the first time this month.  Gigi and I were doing a return at Target and you waved at the lady standing beside us.  I, of course, got all excited and yelled!  She said she felt honored that she got the first wave.



Speaking of Gigi, you are in love with her.  When she comes over, you get so excited and grin from ear-to-ear.  She kept you the other night so Mommy and Daddy could go on a date and you didn’t even notice when we left.  Yes, this made me a little sad, but I also know we need to raise an independent little man.  I had the best relationship with all of my grandparents and I hope you will too.

Happy nine months, sweet boy.

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