Mrs. Jones

My Annie Bannie is married…and has been for a few months!! I am just really late with posting pictures!



Annie gave us these orange tanks as part of our bridesmaid gifts and they are the most comfortable things ever. Seriously, I live in it at home. Mine was a little big because I had her order a size up since I still had nursing boobies and baby weight at the time when she asked for sizes. I ran it through the dryer the night before the wedding so it wasn’t quite so big! It would have made a great bathing suit cover-up, so now I’m kind of kicking myself for shrinking it.

I would like to point out that I am not wearing shoes in any of the getting shots because some hooker named Kayla stole mine.  We’ve been friends since second grade, so I’m allowed to call her that.


Funny story about getting our hair done. I told the girl that I wanted a braid in my hair and she immediately said, “how old are you?” When I told her 29, she said if I was over 30 I was too old to add a braid in my hair. I wasn’t sure if I should feel insulted or happy that I passed the age mark!


I have a picture exactly like this from my wedding with Annie and Jessica, so I love this one.  Eva was our flower girl, but she wasn’t even two at the time.  Jessica, we will be doing a picture like this at your wedding!!


Their wedding ceremony took place on the edge of the lake and was gorgeous.








Weddings always make me want to get married again-I loved wedding planning! My husband would probably not agree with this statement.

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