Southern Style Sledding

I don’t remember us getting this much snow in Tennessee since the blizzard of ’93!  Since Nick grew up in Idaho, he thinks it’s hilarious that we can remember when we get big snows.  He also laughs at me when I suggest that he shouldn’t drive to work with snow on the ground.  Apparently a few inches aren’t a big deal when you grew up dealing with snow for the entire winter!  For us southern folk, snow is a big deal and we got a lot of it last week!  Almost 7 inches, I think.



It was snowing like crazy on Wednesday morning, but none of the snow was sticking to the ground.  That didn’t stop Lily from wanting to go out and play in it.  Sledding without snow-no problem, we have hills!





IMG_0048 IMG_0044



Carson wasn’t sure about the sled and didn’t crack a smile the entire time.



I was doing some client work on Wednesday night and the office curtains were closed.  I just assumed the meterologists were wrong and all the snow we were going to see were flakes that didn’t bother to stick.

Wrong!  Mom called me around 9 and told me to look outside and we already had several inches.  I love how white and clean everything looks before anyone has had a chance to mess up the snow.



Roxie loves snow and kept begging to go back outside.  I swear, she is a Lab stuck in the body of a 10 pound Yorkie.

They had plowed the roads by the next morning, so we took Carson and Lily over to play with Gigi.





IMG_0275 IMG_0281


Carson loved sitting in the snow, but he changed his mind when he tried to crawl in it.  I think he’s going to have southern blood like his mama!  We went inside and watched Lily play from the comfort of a heated house.



Mom and Lily kept sliding back down the hill and we didn’t think they were ever going to make it back up! Are we bad daughters for laughing instead of helping?

We have had two big snows this winter.  I think it’s time for the snow and cold to head out and bring us spring temperatures and sunshine!

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