No Gym, No Problem

The small town where we live does have a gym, but it doesn’t offer child care, so I didn’t join.  I figured there wasn’t any point in having to wait until Nick got home every night to work out.  This is the first time since college since I haven’t belonged to a gym.  I love working out at a gym-I believe I’ve professed my love for Body Pump and Body Combat on here before.  It’s been a change to only work out at home, but I’ve found that it’s not too bad if I find a variety of workouts to keep me entertained.  We also have a treadmill, free weights and weight bench, so that makes a big difference.

Workout DVD’s

I have several good workout DVD’s and I don’t mind spending money for the good ones.  Nick and I did P90X before we were married and I still pull that one out all the time.


Body Combat was one of my favorite classes to take at the gym, so I added it to my Christmas list when they put it on DVD.  I love it.  I’ve done almost all of the workouts and they fly by because the music and choreography are fun. Plus, the instructors have Australian accents, so it’s fun to listen to them!


I bought a Bob Harper DVD pack at Target for $15 and my favorite DVD is the Inside Out Method.  It’s like working out with a personal trainer-but it’s hard because he doesn’t give you a break!


I bought the Cathe High Reps DVD when I read online that it was similar to Body Pump.  It follows the same format of burning out each muscle group with low weight, high reps.  And it’s less than $25, so a it’s a great deal.  I’m going to order some of her other DVD’s.


Pinterest is a gold mine.  I have a Workout board and I’m constantly looking up new workouts.  I used to print and keep everything in a notebook, but this is so much easier.  Here are a few of my favorites.





xmas workout


TV Shows


I have been doing a lot of treadmill running because it’s been too cold to take Carson outside until recently.  I normally loathe the treadmill, but I have found a way to tolerate it.  TV!  I only let myself watch shows on Netflix when I run on the treadmill, so it’s a treat while I run.  Right now I’m watching House of Cards.  Oh, I love a good political drama.  My husband does not, so this keeps both of us happy!

My main problem with working out at home is getting distracted.  Now that Carson is older, I can only workout when he’s asleep, especially if I’m running on the treadmill because he would be trying to join me.  And of course there are a million things I want to do while he’s asleep.  So I always make his morning nap my workout.  Right before I’m going to put him down at 10, I go put on my workout clothes and shoes.  That way I’m ready to go as soon as he’s down and I don’t start doing something else.  This has been key!  There are days where I workout at other times, but I’m pretty consistent about this.

Have a favorite workout or DVD?  Do share!

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