We’ve had some roommates lately!  My Dad is in town for a few months for work and he stayed for a week until his apartment was ready.  Unfortunately for him, Carson was cutting a tooth and got a stomach bug while he was here, so he wasn’t the most pleasant baby.  But he’s still good company in my opinion. 🙂



Carrie also came to see us over the weekend.  Well, when I say us, I really mean she came to see Carson.  I’m not sure we are the source of anyone’s visits anymore.







It finally warmed up outside and we took advantage of the weather and played outside.  Carson crawled to the edge of the blanket and touched the grass.  When his hand made contact with a blade of grass, he jumped back and made the most awful face.  I’m sure he will be trying to eat it before too long, but he’s not a fan for now.








He also stood up for the first time from a sitting position!  He had been working on it for the past week, but he was never able to make it all the way up without falling over.  We were playing and all of a sudden-standing man!  We were so excited!



I am completely aware that that was a massive overload of photos of my child.  But I have three very good reasons:

1.  I got a real camera and I’ve been testing it out.

2.  We are so happy that it’s warm and we can get outside and play!

3.  We can’t get enough of him.

You should see the amount of pictures on my camera that I don’t post!!


3 thoughts on “Roommates

  1. Paula Burr says:

    Oh my grandson is so precious…You need to make sure you have your next baby incase it’s a girl in Oct so she can enjoy Lily’s beautiful clothes…

    • The Newly Wades says:

      Cyndy says I have already taken and printed more pictures of cooper than she took of josh in his entire life time. I just can’t quit clicking that button : ) we will never have to wonder what our sons looked like. Glad you are enjoying your new camera. Love seeing little Carson.

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