Carson’s First Easter

We had the best Easter this year!  Our past few Easter’s have been very low-key because we never came home from DC.  Last year, I was almost 9 months pregnant and wasn’t feeling quite so chipper!! So this year was very fun to get together with our family.  My Mom and Aunt Della came over once everyone was home from church and we got busy in the kitchen.  I hosted Easter lunch for the first time and I have several recipes to share that we all loved.

We are all dressed and no one is covered in baby puke.  That’s a picture success these days!



Who can resist two sweet babies in their Easter outfits?!


This picture had me laughing once I pulled it up on my computer. Carson is looking at Lily like “what is the world are you doing to me?”


Carson wanted to channel Ross Gellar and wore some “salmon” colored pants to church-not pink! See how you can relate everything in life to Friends??


The Easter Bunny came to see Carson and Lily and they got lots of fun treats! How cute are their sand buckets for this summer? The Easter Bunny still comes to visit the grown-ups too. I got some platters, plates and cups for eating outside around the pool. Nick thinks it’s funny that the “Easter Bunny” still brings us baskets, but he doesn’t mind too much once his treats arrive!








Easter is one of my favorite holidays and we had a great church service and time with family. Hope all you bunnies had great days too!

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