Carson James-Eleven Months

Carson, I can’t believe this is the last update before you turn one!  There are still times when you seem like a baby when you will snuggle with us, but most of the time you seem to be leaving the baby stage behind!  You are constantly on the move and go from toy to toy and make laps around the living room.

You walk around all day with a smile on your face; you will stop playing and run over and fall on Mommy and hug me.  I absolutely love when you do that!  You get excited when GiGi and Aunt Heather come over to see you.  When Daddy comes home from work and you see him, you grin from ear to ear and start reaching for him.

You got a stomach bug this month and didn’t feel good at all.  You were a trooper and still slept well, but you wanted to be held during the day and whined if we put you down at all.




Milestones:  You are walking like a champ!  You have really taken off this month.  Daddy and I spend a lot of time saying, “oh” and “be careful” because you are still a little wobbly sometimes.  Daddy calls you a T-Rex because when you walk fast, you pull your arms into your sides. I think the nickname is going to stick.


You aren’t really saying “real” words yet, but you “talk” all day long.  You say Da-Da and occasionally Daddy and you have repeated a few words, hi, bye, dog and bubbles, but it’s mostly been a one time thing.

Sometimes you wave, but most of the time you just stick your arm straight out to wave.

Likes:  You still have a serious love affair with your lion and now a stuffed monkey.  You carry them around all day, which throws you off balance when you are trying to walk!  You like when we stack the blocks up so you can knock them over.  You normally start knocking them over before we can stack all of them.  You are really starting to like your toy cars and try to imitate the sounds Daddy makes when he pushes them.

You like being outside on a blanket, but you don’t venture on the grass yet.  You just aren’t sure about it!  You have started going for runs with Mommy in the jogger and you will just hang on to the sides and look around.

You are so quick when it comes to pulling off our glasses!  You love glasses, phones and the remote.  Basically anything you shouldn’t have! You still love the vacuum cleaner and get so excited when we get it out.

You are fascinated with toilet paper!  I was putting my contacts in one day and you had the entire roll off before I could stop you.  And of course, you thought it was hilarious!


Sleep:  You nap from 10-12 and 2-4 most days.  Most people say you will go to one nap soon, but you still seem to need your sleep!  We haven’t gotten you to consistently sleep all night without waking up at some point since Christmas.  When you start sleeping all night again, you start cutting a tooth or get sick.  It’s a vicious cycle.  However, on nights when Daddy is going to get up with you, you seem to snooze with no problems.  I’m not sure what kind of deal y’all have going on, but it’s rude!

Food:  You aren’t eating quite as much as last month, but you are still a great eater.  You love strawberries, bananas, spaghetti, cheese, turkey, pancakes, yogurt and beans.  You love your sippy cup now and we are getting ready to say adios to the bottle!  I don’t think you will mind at all since you don’t like sitting still to take it anyway.


Dislikes:  You are getting a little “stranger danger” now and don’t go to just anyone now.  You don’t like sitting still to take a bottle, but you are a little better about diaper changes.  Once you are done eating, you are ready to get out of that chair!

Here are a few scenes from this month:














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