Carson James-Twelve Months

Carson, this past year with you has gone by so quickly!  Sometimes I look at your newborn pictures and it doesn’t even seem like you!  You are such a busy little boy that it’s hard to remember those days when you wanted to sleep in our arms for hours.  I am loving this age because you seem to learn something new every day!

At your one year appointment, you weighed 20 pounds and 10.5 ounces pounds and were 9.5 inches long.  I braved this appointment without Daddy and I was so nervous about the shots.  They came in first to prick your finger and you didn’t make a peep!  I was so proud of you!  You just started at your finger while they squeezed it and then tried to eat your band-aid.  The shots were another story-you were ticked!  You kept fussing while we had to wait for ten minutes to let Mommy know you still weren’t over them.


I went to Atlanta for a work event, and you were so happy when Mommy came back home!!



You have figured out how to climb on your Radio Flyer scooter and ABC wagon and are working on pushing it around with your feet.  You like to put your toys in the bucket on the front of the Radio Flyer.


You got in the pool for the first time!  You sat on the stairs and splashed, but you were a little unsure when that cold water hit your belly.

You have started to point when you see things, like animals, when we are outside.  You also will point to your milk when you want it if it’s somewhere that you can’t reach.  We are working on learning “more” and “please” in sign language because right now you do a lot of loud noises when you want something! I can tell you to go get your milk and you will go pick it up and bring it to me.


We had your baby dedication at church!  You played with Daddy’s watch the entire time.

Likes:  Your favorite stuffed animals are still the monkey, dog and lion and you drag them around throughout the day.  You’ve started playing with the toy vacuum cleaner and will pull it around the living room behind you.  However, you still love the real vacuum cleaner and whenever we pull it out, you get so excited!

IMG_20140429_123858_940 IMG_20140520_180617_391

You have not been fond of the grass so far this spring, but you ventured off the blanket recently and went running through the yard.  I knew sitting on the blanket wouldn’t last long!


We go running or walking several days a week and you are great in the jogger.  Most of the time you hang on to either side and prop your feet on the tray.  Lately, you have started to notice the ducks and squirrels and will point when you see them.


You have turned into a climber and we have to watch you every.single.second.  You climb on everything in the house!


You are a toy hoarder and will try to pick up as many toys at once as you can.  If your hands are full, you will try to pick up your sippy cup with your teeth!  Speaking of your sippy cup, you love it and it’s almost always with you.  We have to keep a close eye on it though because you like to hide them.  We couldn’t find one the other day and the leftover milk didn’t smell great when we finally discovered it.

You also go and hide legos in the TV stand.  We won’t know they are in there until we see you pull them out.


You love keys and try to steal them from anyone that isn’t paying attention.  You also loving pulling credit cards out of my wallet and running around the living room with them for hours! Sometimes I go to the store and can’t find a certain card I’m looking for!

Sleep:  You have been doing so much better!  We had to let you fuss for a few nights after having some rough nights and now you seem to be sleeping through the night consistently again.  You still take two naps a day-one in the morning and an afternoon.  Your morning nap is generally from 10-12, but sometimes you will sleep until 1:30 or 2.

Food:  You would eat strawberries all day if we let you!  They are your absolute favorite and you aren’t patient while we are cutting them up.  You like yogurt, spaghetti, peas, macaroni, beans and cheese, but you aren’t really a picky eater yet.


We definitely need to work on your table manners because you are a messy eater!  Food is normally on your head and thrown on the floor.  We know you are done when you start “sweeping” your food off the tray.  You also like to feed your food to us-such a good sharer!  We have to keep Roxie out of the kitchen while you eat or you throw all of your food to her.

Dislikes:  You still don’t like having your diaper changed and despise getting strapped in your car seat.  Sometimes if we have ran a quick errand and I’m about to put you pick in, I have to say a quick prayer for patience because I know you are going to fight me.


Here are a few scenes from this month:




IMG_1496 IMG_1501



IMG_20140406_174411_509 IMG_20140416_162428_554 IMG_20140421_131945_420 IMG_20140421_183851_545 IMG_20140505_105831_236 IMG_20140506_133226_673 IMG_20140506_145641_980 IMG_20140507_105455_005

My sweet little love, this has been such an adventurous year with you!

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