Life Lately

This summer is flying by!  We’ve been spending lots of time outside and trying not to sweat to death in this heat.  Thank goodness for a pool in the backyard!

drinkMom and I had a lunch date at Gibson Girls and tried “Nashville Tea.” We both loved it!



Each time Lily comes to our house, she asks if we can make cupcakes. She normally requests pink ones, although she has also asked for apple juice ones as well!

IMG_20140523_174500_473 (1)

Carson spent the evening with GiGi and Grandmom so we could have a date night at Carrabba’s!


Taking a family walk through the neighborhood!


Spending the day by the pool with some of my favorite chicas!

IMG_20140603_124604_721Shopping with Maeve and Callaghan wore Carson out!

IMG_20140606_143509_566Sunscreen makes his hair crazy!

IMG_20140608_201523_683Carson is obsessed with Roxie and spends lots of time chasing her around the house.

IMG_20140613_074116_671I couldn’t find the remote anywhere one day and finally found it in Carson’s scooter!

IMG_20140614_133722_635Celebrating Levi’s first birthday, one of Carson’s buddies from church!

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