One, Two, Three, Jump!

A local gymnastics gym offers an open play time during the week for $5, so Kayla and I loaded the kids up to play last week.

photo (6)

We pack those babies in so we can ride together and have adult time talking about serious issues, such as Bachelor in Paradise or Mistresses.

Asher will see Carson and say, “Hi Car-son!”  It’s so cute.  He does pretty well with Lauren, but it sounds more like Lawnen, like Lily used to say.  I have a hard name to pronounce!

Asher has been there before, so he was off and running as soon as we walked in.  Carson was staying pretty close to me and checking it all out, and then he was off too.  They had a blast “jumping” on the trampoline, swinging on the bars and going up and down the mats.

image image_1 image_2 photo (7)

The absolute favorite had to be the foam pit.  I jumped in with them and had them chase me.  Asher would yell “help” when he started sinking in.  I was surprised that Carson actually could crawl through it-my baby is growing up on me!


Kayla started throwing them in the pit and they loved this.  I’m pretty sure we got a workout just as much as they did!


I got some snuggle time with Maeve while she was throwing the wild monkeys in.  Doesn’t she take a great selfie already?!

We took the kids to McAlister’s after they played and Carson and Asher ate and drank like they hadn’t had anything all day.  We will definitely be going back.  For $5, they had a great time, ate a great lunch and took a fantastic nap.  Success!

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