Our College Graduate

Our family packed up last week and headed to South Carolina so we could watch our baby cousin become a college graduate!  She really isn’t a baby anymore with a fancy Chemistry degree, but we still think of her that way.

We had the BEST time on this trip!  We used to make the same trips every year growing up and would spend a few days at Tracy and Kelly’s house, with everyone sleeping double in beds, on couches or on pallets on the floor.  It felt just like that and we had so much fun. Well, Carson decided he didn’t want to have anything to do with sleeping in the pack and play, but other than that, it was great!

We tried to get a picture of the kids before graduation, but Carson wasn’t being cooperative.


Lily and Addelyn were so excited to watch Hannah graduate.  On the car ride up, Lily asked a million times if it was time to go to graduation!

IMG_2794 IMG_2767 IMG_2769

Hannah was on the jumbrotron right at the end of the ceremony.  I loved her expression when she saw herself!


We had to have a photo shoot once we got back home so we could all get pictures with the college grad!

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232323232-fp93232-uqcshlukaxroqdfv9-;3=ot-2464=96;=;8-=XROQDF-27;5334924249ot1lsiThis might be my favorite picture. Brandi used to carry Hannah around when she was a baby, so they decided to recreate some photos. When Hannah jumped on Brandi, we were all waiting for them to crash on the ground, but Brandi held up!!

Hannah Bannah, we are so proud of you and can’t wait to see what you do next!!

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