Weekend in Chattanooga

Nick and I finally got to celebrate our 5th anniversary this weekend!  Yes, the one that was in May.  We aren’t very prompt people!

We drove to Chattanooga on Friday and Carson got to spend the weekend with Gigi.  I don’t even think he missed us because he’s so attached to his Gigi!

We stayed at the Chattanooga Choo-Choo and while the main lobby is gorgeous, the hotel buildings look like a Russian jail.  We were laughing when we pulled up to our building about how our weekend was off to a good start!


On Saturday morning, we went to breakfast at Aretha Frankenstein’s after my cousins told us it’s one of their favorite places to eat.  I was pretty sure the GPS was sending us to some random location as we drove back into a neighborhood, but the restaurant is in an old house near UTC’s campus.  Since calories aren’t important on vacation, I splurged on a Belgian waffle and bacon.

photo[2] copy photo[2]

photo[2] copy 2

It was delicious.  I considered licking my plate to get any remaining crumbs.

image photo[2] copy 3

After breakfast, we walked around at the Riverwalk and checked out the shops on Frazier Avenue.  There was a college rowing competition that people were watching from the bridge and runners and bikers were constantly passing us.  It reminded me of being back in D.C. with all the outdoor activity!

image copyEven though we just had breakfast, Nick knew that I would want ice cream and suggested we stop at Clumpie’s.  It’s a local ice cream shop and I’ve rated their ice cream in my top 5.  And I’ve also checked their website and they ship ice cream.  Ice cream might be my love language!

photo[2] copy 4

We spent the rest of the day shopping around and ate dinner at Big River Grille.  We had no definite plans and just took it easy.  Nick looked at me once and said, “Is this how life used to be-no responsibility?!”  We definitely didn’t realize how easy life was when it was just us taking care of a dog.  Spending your days and weekends chasing around a toddler is slightly different!

Chattanooga is such a pretty town and has a good feel of both city and small town.  We were almost transferred there when we ended up back in Knoxville in 2012, but I’ve told Nick that I would be completely happy if they ever needed him to work there.  We will be going back!

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