Fall Festival Fun

We went to a Fall Festival earlier this month at a local church, but it felt more like summer with pumpkins and hay bales!


Carson was VERY excited to hang out with Daddy!  He was also pumped to see a real, live horse.  However, when we tried to go for a ride, he clung like a little monkey to GiGi.  He was not about to get on that horse with me!  I guess they look pretty huge when you are a tiny human!


Lily rode the horse several times and absolutely loved it.  My fingers are crossed that she might ride horses like Aunt Lauren!

IMG_3737How cute are my boys?! Everyone tells me that Carson looks exactly like Nick, which I don’t always see, but he did get his good looks in my opinion. 🙂

IMG_3746 IMG_3751 IMG_3764 IMG_3777 IMG_3780 IMG_3785 IMG_3797Carson was not about to sit still and let the lady paint his face, so he ended up with a sticker instead!



October has been a month full of pumpkin patches, hay rides and festivals and it’s been so much fun.  Carson may not understand everything when we go to events, but he has so much fun playing and checking things out.  It makes my mommy heart so happy…and clearly very mushy.  I never would have said this stuff a few years ago. 🙂

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