Costumes and Candy

I’m pretty sure that we are going to need a sugar detox after all the Halloween candy we’ve consumed this week!

Carson had a Halloween party on Tuesday at his Mother’s Day out program and came home loaded down with goodies.  He took a white chocolate covered marshmallow for his school friends, which of course came from Pinterest!

IMG_4321 IMG_4319

We spent Wednesday night at Trunk or Treat at Gigi’s church and came home with buckets of candy.

IMG_1503 IMG_1504

After visiting the first trunk, Carson was reaching out for the candy and checking out the goodies in his bucket.  He definitely has a sweet tooth like his Mama!  He was the cutest little Elvis, even if he wouldn’t leave the wig on.  Didn’t Elvis wear Converse?!


I got Lily her Halloween bucket when she was 2 and she still isn’t big enough for it.  One guy asked her if she was headed off to milk cows!


On Friday night, the Siscos came over to trick or treat in our neighborhood because it’s candy central.  We almost ran out of candy last year because we didn’t realize how many kids would show up, so we bought the jumbo bags this year.  I think the cold weather scared some kids (or their parents) away and we ended up with leftovers.

IMG_4351 IMG_4353 IMG_4355

The Siscos were “lions, tigers and bear, Oh My!”  Clearly Asher was very excited about this costume!!


Lily was a pink princess, but her crown had to be replaced with a hat.  It was nice and warm earlier in the week and then we almost froze on Halloween!  Jolee came to trick or treat with us again this year and Carson was holding her hand by the end of the night.  Nick’s ready to sign her up to baby-sit!!

IMG_4382 IMG_4385 IMG_4386

Maeve is normally terrified of Nick, so we were all shocked when she reached for him.  I think she knows she needs to like Carson’s Daddy!


We only made it to about 7 or 8 houses before our toes and fingers were cold! We headed back in the house and let the kids run off their sugar high.  They were doing laps around the the living room at one point!

Carson wanted to share his candy with his great-grandmama, or “Mama” as he calls her, who is also a sugar lover!



Happy Halloween!!

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