Carson James-18 Months

Carson, I still think of you as our baby, but you are definitely a little boy now!  You amaze us every day with the new things you learn to do, what makes you laugh, and what holds your interest.

IMG_0867 IMG_0996 IMG_1062 IMG_1119

Speaking of your interests, we couldn’t get you to sit down to read a book a few months ago and now you are obsessed!  Your favorites are animal books and you love to point out the animals and tell us what noises they make.  You know dog, cat, pig, horse, cow, elephant, wolf, seal, lion, tiger, sheep, goat, monkey and owl, but your favorites are cows and horses.  There is a small farm at the back of our neighborhood and you love going to look at the cows.  The minute we mention going to see them, you are standing at the door yelling, “cows!”



You love taking a bath, especially when you and Daddy get a little crazy with the water.  Daddy normally gives you a bath at night and sometimes he comes out covered in water.  I can always hear the two of of you laughing in there!  You also love wresting with Daddy and riding around on his back.  You climb right on him now and just sit there and smile.  You also climb on everything in the house and we have to keep a close eye on you, danger ranger!

IMG_1309 IMG_1396

IMG_1233 IMG_1241 IMG_1310


You have also discovered TV and would sit and watch it all day if we let you.  Your favorite show is Paw Patrol, but you also like Mickey Mouse and Wallykazam.  You’ve also watched a Barbie movie with Lily, so you obviously aren’t picky!

IMG_0138 IMG_0200 IMG_0213 IMG_0298 IMG_0615

Your vocabulary is taking off and you say new words every day!  I love listening to your little voice say, “Hi Mommy!”  You call me Mommy, but most of the time you call me Nanny.  I hope you say that forever!  My favorite words that you say are the ones that are funny, such as body (Roxie), oddey (water), gockie (cookie), abbey (apple) and ennu (elephant).  Some of your phrases are “oh no!” and “where’d it go?” and “oh dear!”  When you are eating, you will wave your hands at us and say, “dirty!”

IMG_4244 IMG_1563 IMG_1570

You love playing outside, especially on the slide at Asher’s house.  When we come inside at night, it’s usually a small battle.  You play in your car every day, but you only go backwards right now.  You constantly have a horse, cow or car in your hand and I find them all over the house.  You love hiding things-I have found some interesting things in our laundry basket!


You have a little love affair going on with Maeve and we catch the two of you loving on each other ALL the time!  I hope you two are always friends like your mamas!


Dropping you off at the church nursery or preschool usually results in tears, but the past two weeks those have started to go away!  It makes me happy to know that you are learning to play with friends and that your teachers love on you.  Normally when I go pick you up from preschool, you are in the arms of one of your teachers!



Carson James, watching your little personality develop constantly makes us laugh!  I have always said that I never wanted to be a stay at home Mom, and I am so glad that God had a different plan for me.  He knew that I would need to spend my days with you and I’m so thankful!  I love taking you for a run, snuggling on the couch and chasing you around the living room.  When you come running up to me at full speed and wrap me in a big hug, my heart just melts.  Daddy says that you are a big mama’s boy and I hope that never changes!  I love that we are best buds, and even on the days when you are trying my patience, I couldn’t imagine spending my days anywhere else.  You are my favorite little guy and I’m so thankful that God chose me to be your Mommy!  Sometimes I rock you for a few minutes and let my mind wonder about your future.  I can’t wait to see what these next months and years are like with you! I love you, Nanny

Happy 18 months bud!

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