I Hear Santa On The Roof

Our flag pole was blowing in the wind on Christmas morning and it hit against the roof.  When Lily heard it, she looked at Mom and said, “Gigi, I hear Santa on the roof!!”  She was absolutely convinced that he was dropping off presents at that exact moment.  She told Gigi they had to be quiet so he thought they were asleep!!

IMG_5237 IMG_5240 IMG_5244 IMG_5246 IMG_5254 IMG_5265

Carson was very interested in eating his puffs from his stocking and checking out one gift at a time.  He would get hooked on a gift and not want to open another one.  I think we will get him two things next year!  One of the first things he opened was a truck, which he loved, so every present after he would say, “truck?!”  He has several new trucks that are constantly being driven around the living room and loaded with animals.

IMG_5291 IMG_5300 IMG_5327 IMG_5336 IMG_5342


Carson got a remote control car and was absolutely amazed when it started driving around. He loves driving it-I’ll be honest, he can drive the thing better than I can! I can already see him thinking his mother is a technology failure in the future.


Carson made a card at school with his handprints that had a poem about always remembering how small he was. It made me tear up when I tried to read it! My family thought this was hilarious because I NEVER used to cry about anything.

We had a great Christmas this year, especially watching Carson learn what it’s all about! I’m always a little sad when the holidays end, but I was ready to start taking down the tree when Carson started redecorating it with his toys:

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