Minute To Win It

Most people spend New Year’s Eve in fancy dresses and heels, but we were home in our sweatpants!  We ended 2014 by playing “Minute To Win It” games with the family!

IMG_5476 IMG_5477 IMG_5478 IMG_5479

I love watching all the little cousins together! The “older” cousins were constantly together as we grew up and I hope they will be the same way. Colby definitely took charge as the oldest of the group and had them playing games and following orders!


Brandi found a bunch of game ideas on Pinterest and we had SO much fun!  I’m hoping this will be an annual event.  The little kids even had a great time, although I think they were just laughing at the adults being crazy most of the time.

IMG_5485 IMG_5494 IMG_5498 IMG_5507

It’s pretty much a guarantee that if I hand the camera to my Mother, I will end up with fifty chins.  Or maybe I just eat too much cake.

IMG_5510 IMG_5514

Things got a little wild on the game front!  Lily burst into tears at one point and yelled, “but I wanted Gigi to win!”  Drama starts young when us ladies!

IMG_5520 IMG_5525 IMG_5533

Poor Callen definitely didn’t make it to midnight-he was out by 7 I think!


I’m pretty sure that Colby is Lily’s hero…she loves doing whatever he is doing!

IMG_5584 IMG_5575 IMG_5570

We had a great time ringing in 2015 with this crew!  However, 2015 has been off to a rough start, health-wise.  I’ve been sick since New Year’s Day-this year needs to shape up and turn around!

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