Papa, Kiki and Cherry

We had some visitors last weekend!  Well, let’s phrase this correctly-Carson had some visitors last weekend, since we know he’s the real attraction these days.

We’ve been showing Carson a picture of Nick’s parents and he would point to them and say, “Pa Pa” and “Kiki,” so he started calling them that as soon as they got here.  Carrie is still Cherry or Caca at the moment, which I kind of hope sticks permanently.

The weather was beautiful, so we took a walk to the end of the neighborhood to see the horses and cows.  Carson is currently obsessed with being outside and animals, so this is one of his favorite things to do.  However, I can tell we are entering that independent phase because he wants to get out of the wagon and pull it himself.  I’m hoping this doesn’t happen when it’s warm enough to run with him outside.

IMG_5636 IMG_5640 IMG_5643

I hear all the time how much Carson looks like Nick and maybe I’m a little biased, but they are studs.  This was the very first time he looked at the camera and said, “cheese!”  He normally still runs away, but he is starting to occasionally look when we have a camera out.


If you point to a horse and ask Carson what it is, he will yell, “neigh!”

His real love right now is cows, cows, cows. We have a herd of cows in our house and are constantly finding them on our pillows, in our drawers, in the laundry basket.

Checking out the cows with Papa Ed and Grandma Kiki.
IMG_5693 Nick and Ed are twins! I know what Nick and Carson will look like when they are older-clearly the Jochum genes are strong.

IMG_5699The only bad part about taking him outside is trying to get him to come back inside. It’s a battle which I can tell is going to test me as the weather warms up. Here’s to lots to patience!

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