Carson James-TWO

When Carson was first born, I feel like the days crawled by in a fog of worry over this little tiny human that had been entrusted to us and a lack of sleep. Once we started figuring out life as new parents-if you ever really figure that out-it seems like the days have sped up and are flying by. His second birthday arrived entirely too fast, yet it also seems like we’ve always had this busy little boy in our lives.


We went to Nashville for Carrie and Anthony’s graduation for their Master’s degrees, so we didn’t have a big birthday party. We did sing “Happy Birthday” with two candles. I was curious to see what he would do after crying last year; this time, he just watching us with a curious expression and then dove into the icing. Priorities.

Carson, here are some of the little parts of your personality that I never want to forget:

You definitely have a sweet tooth like your mama! Fruit snacks are the greatest thing in the world in your eyes. When I sit down in the love seat with a big bowl of ice cream, I quickly have a little friend beside me who wants to share.




Going outside is probably your favorite thing to do, no matter what the weather is. However, coming back inside usually results in a meltdown. As soon as I grab my running shoes, you say, “go see the ducks!” I’m so glad you still like to get in the jogger. You prefer going at a run; if I start walking, you say, “I walk.” I guess you are helping me stay in shape!

IMG_2059 IMG_1700 IMG_1741 IMG_1744 IMG_1798

You also love to help Daddy on his projects around the house and love when the tools come out. Daddy is building a fence and you “help” him shovel the dirt. Using tools and playing in the dirt is great fun, but you don’t like for your hands or feet to be dirty and will say, “towel!” You also do this at the table. My parents said I was the exact same way as a child, so you are welcome for those genes!

IMG_1937 IMG_1947 IMG_1988 IMG_2035

Your vocabulary is huge and you are speaking in three to four word sentences. “My help,” “I get it,” “Where the turtle go?” “Mommy, look!” “I play outside,” and “Where Gigi go?” are things we hear constantly. You recently learned to say your name and how old your are. We taught you your name by pointing at each person and saying our names. I didn’t realize I would always say my name and put my hands on my chest until I would ask your name and you would slap your chest with your hands. It’s hilarious and you still do it when you say Tarton! Lily is Yiyi and Roxie is still Rodie, Kayla is KK, Uncle Anthony is T, Maeve is Mae, and Grandmama is Mama.

IMG_2073 IMG_2236 IMG_2344 IMG_4275 IMG_4244

When you are home with us or the people you see the most, you are always talking and laughing. When we go somewhere else and have new faces, you take a while to warm up. You can be very quiet and will entertain yourself for hours in your playroom. You also have a stubborn side and timeout is becoming more frequent when you don’t get your way! When you are on a task, such as scooping water into buckets, you go into “super focus mode” as we call it and will tune everyone else out while you complete your mission.

20141122_181846[1] IMG_0726 IMG_4817

Some of your favorite things are animals, especially cows, chasing Roxie, who doesn’t appreciate the attention, your bike helmet from Papa Stan and Grandma Janet, reading books repeatedly, swinging outside, playing with Lily, splashing in the bath, watching Wild Kratts and Paw Patrol and eating fruit snacks. You also LOVE being naked and have started a phase where you take all your clothes off. Last week, we kept watching you on the baby monitor and had to go put your clothes on twice before bed. You are obsessed with wearing pajama pants lately and the world about ends when you have to change. You always have a pair of shoes on, usually ones that are too big, or a pair of ours. You come out of my closet all the time in heels! It’s funny to watch your personality develop and you constantly have new interests and words that seem to come out of nowhere.

IMG_2271 IMG_2295 IMG_2399 IMG_0011 IMG_0200 IMG_0717 IMG_0778

Carson, I say this repeatedly, but I never imagined how much joy I would get from spending the majority of my days with you. You can turn my mood around in seconds, sometimes in a bad way, but also lift my spirits when you unexpectedly run over and throw your arms around me. I love exploring the world through your eyes and finding cows, worms, ducks and bugs. Your big belly laugh is my absolute favorite sound in the world. I wish I could package that sound up and store it forever. Happy birthday, buddy!

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